School Bookings

The Bella Rose Arts Centre is a strong supporter of young artists and young audiences. Programming in arts education is a result of partnering with the local schools of the area and supporting Halifax West High School in both drama and music.

Teachers from the HRSB Family of Schools are also invited to showcase their young performers at the Bella Rose. For more information please contact the Business Office.

Student Group Pricing

Teachers wishing to attend a performance with their students or to book the venue are invited to contact the Box Office. 

There are currently no upcoming events that have a daytime matinee for schools or organized groups, however please check back soon or join our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.



If you have an idea or need for a workshop, please call our office at 902.457.3352 and we would be happy to provide you with a location and instructor! We are in contact with certifired teachers in many areas which we would make readily avaliable to you.

Our current connections enable us to provide classes on: 


Bushido-kai Self Defense

And more!